Fascism in Italy 1922-1943

In 1920, Benito Mussolini formed the Blackshirts and in 1922 he used his position as prime minister to create a fascist dictatorship.  In 1926 he had total control and he ruled Italy as Il Duce “The Leader”. He was the leader of the National Fascist Party.

  • Ideology: Strong central government, nationalism and anticommunism.
  • Goals of Ideology: Glorify the state, dictatorial rule, supremacy of military power, progress and crime free society.
  • Secret Police and Paramilitary Groups: OVRA:  watch citizens and enforced government policies.
  • Social Organizations: Fascist Youth: military activities and values. Family was the pillar of the state and women were to be housemakers.
  • Military Actions: Military repressed society, social Darwinism and concentration camps.
  • Economic Actions: Nationalization of Industries. Capitalist-Social economy.
  • Social Actions: Bring back the Roman Empire and society regeneration.








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