Italian and german unification

Italian Unification

Italy unites in the year 1859-1870, Italy in the congress of Vienna  was divided into 9 states.

Italy was united by the addition of the Papal states, The Kingdom was ruled by King Victor Emmanuel II (1849-1861) from the Savoy dynasty. He was the only ruler from a native Italian family.

Giusseppe Garibaldi was the one encourage the unification by healding all of the Italian States to the king Victor Emmanuel.


German Unification

After the French Revolution there were more than 300 German states, Prussia and Austria were the largest, in the Congress of Vienna the number of German states were reduced to 39. The smaller Germanic states were encourage  to the feeling of nationalism and patriotism among these Germanic states. Otto von  Bismarck was the one who led the unification of Germany, as well as Prussia. After that , William I, king of Prussia,  chose Bismarck as the Prime Minister.  Bismarck allied Austria to attack Denmark and the Quick Victory increased the feeling of nationalism in Prussia

Austria declared war on  Prussia in 1866,  the war lasted 7 weeks, Austria was humiliated and Prussia took control of all the north joined (North German Confederation).

In the Franco- Prussian War (1870-1871)

This was the final step to the unification because the southern part accepted to be ruled by Prussia.



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