Nazism 1933-1945

In 1919, Hitler joined the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), or Nazi. He staged an armed uprising against the government in Munich in November 1923 and went to jail. In 1933, he became canceller and in 1934 he established a dictatorship. He was called “Der Führer”.

  • Ideology: Supremacy of the Arian race, blood and soil religion, anticommunism, antihomosexual, social Darwinism, nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism.
  • Goals of Ideology: Militarize and strength Germany, supremacy of the Arian race and Dominate Europe (Lebensraum)
  • Secret Police and Paramilitary Groups: The Schutzstaffeln (“Guard Squadrons”, “SS”).
  • Social Organizations: Nazi professional organizations and leagues were formed, also youth organizations taught Nazi ideals. Women were to be housemakers.
  • Military Actions:  Repression, racial laws, concentration and death camps. Anschluss Pact, The Non Aggression Pact the Pact Antikominterm, Triparti Pact and Poland’s invasion.
  • Economic Actions: Public works projects and create German labour unions.
  • Social Actions: Promote art and culture, increase of employ.







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